Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Merry Christmas!!

Hey all!! Sorry its been so long since I've posted. Things have been crazayyy IRL, but I have some stuffs to update on that have recently been released!! I'll post as much as I can, and will TRYYY to update more frequently.. :P

OKAY! As far as HAIR, we have:




TOPS, we have:

Tiger Tanks: (5 colors)

> no more pics for some reason blogger cut me off.. o well :( come to the shop to seeeee <33 <


Emma Jeans: buttload of colors


Lily Cole: bunch of colorsss


Big Heart Vintage Ringssss: 2 colors <33

SHOESSS: (all for size 0 feeeet)

Humdinger Slippers: sculpted!! tons of colors

Kitten Heels: sculpted andd tons of colors

REMINDER: for gift giving, nearly ALL items from my shop ARE transfer, so you can giftwrap them yourself, the only items that are definitely NOT transfer are the hairs <3

Monday, September 17, 2007

New @ Sand Shack Surf Co. - NEW MEN'S LINE! and some for the girlies <3

NEW at Sand Shack Surf Co.!! (for the girlies, ANDDDDDD the dudes!)

Dudes first... - and this stuff is ALL transferable ladies <3 (and everything that comes in various colors is available individually as well as in a fatpack)

Brand new men's line and I hopeee the boys like it! haha, the lineup:

UNISEX Stitch Front Button Ups - These tops are long button up shirts with stitch detailing down the front and the option to wear on the jacket layer, or on the tee/underpants layer (for layering purposes) - They are available in 14 different colors

Stroller Sweaters - These sweaters also come with the option to wear on the jacket layer or the tee/underpants layer (tee layer is modable for those of you who don't like the tight sleeves on your overcoats, etc), and also come in stripe/no stripe versions. These are available in 5 colors

Gone Surfing Tees - the first installment of what I hope to become a long line of graphic tees - these have a front graphic and back text, and come in allllll the layers, Jacket, Tee, Undershirt, Pants, and Underpants.. not sure why I did pants layer, but you never do know! lol.. These come in 5 colors

Vintage T-Shirt Tee - another graphic tee, and in PINK!! Come on guys, embrace the brightness!! (same layers deal as the Gone Surfing Tees ;D)

Retro STYYYYYLIN' Pants Pleated - this is a variation of the Retro STYYYYYLIN' Pants for the girlies (see below), only these are pleated (pleat = the fold down the front and back of the pant), and the colors are toned down from the girl versions - these are all modable for your boot-wearing pleasure, 14 colors

Now for the girlies:

All the mens stuff willl fit pretty well, it'll just look a bit like your borrowing from your BF's closet, but since when is that NOT cute??? Anyways, for your very own, we have the Retro STYYYYYYLIN' Pants in all their brightness and glory D 14 colors, modable

Well that's all now loves I hope you like, and happy shoppin! <3

LOCATION: Lions Shore (49, 176, 23)

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Guys Stuff @ Surf Co. - Coming Up :D

Hey all! Just updating to let you know that I will be posting a new release very shortly, as soon as I finish the ads forrrrrr MENS CLOTHING! Phewww, thats been a long time coming.. I wish I had started sooner I'm really starting to get into it. The line will be funky, casual, colorful (but not too girly heheeee), I have a few items that I'm gonna release at once and then after that I will continue to pop new stuffs out on a semi-regular basis. Girlies, don't be sad because most of the stuff from the men's line will fit us well too, might look a bit like we borrowed it from our boyfriends but we all know that's always a super-cute look :D SO, I'll give a vague idea of the upcoming lineup, we have pants (girl and guy versions), sweaters for guys, tees for guys, and shirts for guys. YAYYY.. so check back sooooon and keep an eye out over the next few days <3 :DDD

p.s. the fall line for the girls is now out @ my new main store in Caribe :D Check my picks for a LM and explore the place a bit, Tweed and Miwako who did most of the building did an awesomeeee job and I'm sure you'll love the place :DDD

Thursday, September 6, 2007

NEW Main Store Grand Opening Par-TAY - TOMORROW!! and NEW FALL GOODIES <3

Heyyy everyone!!! Just wanted to let you all know that the grand opening of the new main store (at the cute lil Caribbean themed 1/4 sim called 'Caribe' :D) will be tomorrow (Friday, Sept. 7th) at 12 NOON SL time!! Come ready to shopppp, dance, CHILLL, grab up some sweet freebies 'n have fun -- Be sure to include items from these stores on your shopping list:

miw - by Miwako Cheney
Tweed - by Tweed Silvera
Artilleri - by Antonia Marat
Decollage - by Marcelle DeCuir
Savvy? - by Dakota Buck
Cupcake - by Crystyle Bukowski, Tilly Tokyo, and Kiki Cunningham
Karamia - by Kara Eagle
KENZIE - by Kenzie Craven
Boing Fromage - by Elka Lehane
Vintage Ahoy! - by Vintage McMillan
Random - by Garbage Prototype
Maitreya - by Onyx LeShelle
I <3 Juicy - by Lilly Callisto
andddd Sand Shack Surf Co. - by ME!! hehe

Quite a lovely lineup if I do say so myself :D

ALSO, I will be releasing the beginning of Surf Co.'s fall line consisting of all kindsa sweaters, hair (NEW TEXTURES), bottoms, and other cutie patootie colder weather must-haves! I'm so psycheddddd!

We're all gonna be here havin FUNNNNN and relaxin so we hope you'll all join us or if your schedule is packed, just stop in for a few we'll make ya feel loved <3 :D

The sim won't be open until 12 noon, but I'll leave the location here anyway so you can hold on to it for 2morro :D

Lions Shore 49, 176, 23


Thursday, August 23, 2007

Surf Co. Saved!! :D

Hello everyone! The fundraiser is over and the goal was met!!!!!! Thank you so so so much for all of your support and encouragement!! I will have a working puter back in no time!! :DDDDD I'm so humbled by all the people that came out of nowheres to help me out on this... gah... I really can't even explain. But I hope to see all of you around again - Also, I will be keeping all of the upstairs items on sale regardless of the fundraiser being over.. and soon will be having a clearance sale to make room for the fall goodies :DDDD

One last THANK YOU <3 and CHEERS for being able to return my BF's laptop to him!!! HOORAYY :DDDDD


Thursday, August 16, 2007

Save Surf Co.!! - Read on...

*Save Surf Co. Sale/Fundraiser*

Hey there!

Here's the story: I am quite a klutz IRL (not so proud of it), and this time I really did myself in. I was happily working in Photoshop a couple of days ago, enjoying an amazing strawberry milkshake when I went to pick up my cup and BAM. Strawberry milkshake everywhere.. well not EVERYWHERE.. just on my 4 month old laptop .. To my horror, the screen instantly went black and made an eerie *im dying* noise... I flipped it over to get the stuff off, but the damage was already done. Right away I started calling the manufacturer to see if my insurance (which I paid for 3 years) would cover it. No such luck. They don't cover "spills".. so THEN, since being without a laptop means so many horrific things I couldn't even CONSIDER it, I asked them what it would cost for a repair. The grand total: $1,300.00 USD. I almost fainted. They said that the problem was the "logic board" which is the mac version of a "mother board." So at first I thought "TOTAL RIPOFF.. forget you guys, I'll get it done some other way." I started calling around for 3rd party repair places and quotes.. and they all charge a ton, AND most of them were located across the country. I have a hard time trusting stuff like that.. this laptop pretty much has my whole LIFE in it. So because I have a bunch of computer whizzes in my house.. I figured we could do it ourselves. Step 1: find out how much a logic board costs... for my specific model... its a thousand bucks. CRAP! For 300 more, the manufacturer could do it and would also replace the keyboard and anything else that had been damaged in my milkshake flinging incident. So NOW, since SL is my only source of income and I am at a severe disadvantage having no access whatsoever to my own laptop (right now I'm using my bf, Phil's which he needs back in 2 weeks when college starts), I am trying to raise funds to get my baby fixed. If I can't get it fixed, I will have to try to save up for another laptop and who knows how long that could take with school starting in only 2 weeks (which puts a huge dent in my time bank). But because there are a ton of important things on that computer and because I REALLY REALLY REALLY wanna be able to keep Sand Shack Surf Co. going, I have to find some way to take care of this problem. SO! There are a couple of things I'm doing for this:

1) I will have a huge sale on all the upstairs items at my artilleri location which will include old AND brand new stuff! (the brand new includes Dot-Lined Henleys in 18 colors, Vintage Beach Bags, Earrings, and a Promo Tee for the fundraiser!)
2) I will have a donations pot for any of you feeling EXTRA generous
3) (cont'd number 1) - I will be releasing some brand new items at a discounted price (about 40-50+%)

I've also placed a meter just inside the store to gauge how the fundraiser is going :D - I will update as often as I can, and will leave a "last updated" tag each time <3

NOTE: This whole thing is STRICTLY for me to get my computer fixed and I don't want anyone to feel obligated to help out in any way shape or form.. I know as well as anyone that a lot of the money we take in this game goes to our RL needs, so if you can't help out please please please know that I STILL LOVE YOU!!!


p.s. Please feel free to IM me with any questions/comments! <3

Saturday, August 4, 2007


Hello loves! Just updating to let you all know that I will be away until August 11th!! Goin down the shore for some relaxation, ocean, sand, surf, sun, etccccc... :D ALSO, i've kind of fallen behind with my blog updates, so while I'm down there I'll try to get on a bit to bring the blog up to date, and also keep your eyes open for the 11th because when I return I will be returning with GOODIESSSS... quick hint--- bags, hair, jewelry.... and while I'm down there I'm sure I'll be inspired and come back with a few cutie patootie clothings!! So I hope you all have a great and restful week, and I'll be back soon!


Saturday, July 7, 2007

New @ Surf Co. - FLaTs!!!!!!!!!

2 Styles: Plain and Print

Plain: woven fabric toe and heel, beige tweed strap, rubber soles, leather back seam, and Surf Co. tag

Print: pattern printed toe and heel, stretched fabric strap, rubber soles, leather back seam, and Surf Co. tag

Both styles are available individually as well as in fat packs (save a buck.. etc bla bla bla haha)

All shoes are no mod, and are made to fit size 0 feet <3

Come and get em!! :D

Happy Shoppin Loves!

Thursday, July 5, 2007

New @ Surf Co. - lots of tie back polos... LOTS...

Polos in 20 Colors, but not just ANY polos!!! They tie in the back.. WOOT.. Yanno the ones that are too baggy so u tie em... yah thats these. Cute and comfy (once again), each color comes with a jacket and tee version, prim rolled-up sleeves, and a prim back tie (all modable)..

The style and color just make this another item you MUST have if you're a mix-matching beachy summer freak like me. I tried to mind the details by adding contrast buttons and the lil (becoming a trademark) stitched palm tree logo <3 - I hope you all stock up and enjoy!!

p.s. looks great with a taggy tank underneath

Happy Shoppin Loves <3

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

New @ Surf Co. - Tops and Hair <3

Ana Hair
- *mod the color of the headbands if you want :D*

Beach Bohem Tunics
- these come in 8 fantabuloso colors with the top in jacket and tee versions, and a modable flexi babydoll <3

Happy Shoppin Loves <3

Thursday, June 28, 2007

New at Surf Co. - Dotalicious Tuesday <3

Hey all! :D Just released this mornin some short sleeved hoodies and some lacey tanks.. I'm not AMAZING at the descriptive-ness so I'll just post the pics and hope they speak for themselves :D Only a couple of things really WORTH mentioning aside from the pics would be thattt.. the tanks are available in both jacket and tee version, and both the tanks and the hoodies are available individually and in fat packs (if u wana save a buck <3)

Sooooo here they areee...

Oh yeahhh anddd i forgot 2 post thisss back in the day so I'll post it now.. the Ducky Dresses heheeeee :D - I promised I'd stay caught up:

Happy Shoppin Loves <3

Thursday, June 21, 2007

AN UPDATE, FINALLY!!!! - :/ sorrryy for the delayyyyyy <3

OK, so I've been super busy in game and irl, and posting has pretty much been on the back burner since the thought of how much stuff I need to update on is terrifying!! But, I'm going to make an attempt now to get completely up to date, one thing at a time, or at LEAST make a dent! So lets get down 2 beezwax:

I'll start with the most recent stuff and work my way back :D

SURF CO. INTRODUCES (drumroll........) HAIR!!!

Lola hair in 10 colors! Each color comes with 4 hairband options, 3 textured and 1 tintable, and lil bobby pins holdin up the ponytail in the back! WOOHOO!

Next.. SwiMmiEs!! - aka waterwings, floaties - I was in a silly mood, and now I realize that swimmies are a must-have for all you cuties out there who can't really make it into the water without experiencing the fear of drowning.. EASE YOUR SOULS WITH THESE COLORFUL PUFFS :D (or just make a hardcore fashion statement ;P)

Taggy Tanks!! = I made these with the thought that there's so many times that I find a great pair of bottoms, but just want something simple and matching to wear on top. Cute and casual, these tanks should solve that problem for anyone. They come in 18 colors, and each color comes in 3 versions, long tank (jacket layer), short tank (jacket layer), and short tank (tee layer). They are also available in one big fat pack if you can't make up your mind about which color to get, AND of course you save a few lindens.. WEE!!

Ball 'n Chain Chunky Wristwear - these are the product of a bit of boredom, and the desire for some casual funky bracelets to mix-match and fun up pretty much any casual outfit - they come in 7 colors and are modable :P

THE ONE PIECE SUIT! Yay! My sister Rachel actually inspired this creation because she loves the one piece, but hates how a lot of them are lacking in the style and cuteness department. Why leave that all to the bikinis?? Shouldn't one pieces get the same love and attention? Well here was my attempt:

(available in 5 colors)

Antie Kini and Ash Kini (2 of my bestest buds <3) - Antie Kini has a cherry theme with a cross back and little stitching and embroidery details on the top and butt, Ash Kini is watermelon themed with contrasting dots and straps, also with a cute lil watermelon embroidered on the top <3

THE MASSIVE RELEASE - first pics: the jeans, 6 shades, 3 styles available in shade packs, style packs, individuals, AND an all-out fatpack. The styles: heart patch, destroyed, and classy. <3, second and third pics: the graphic tees, surf and love :D, the fourth pic: funky fringe jackets available in style packs, color packs, individuals, and a fatpack, fifth pic: sidewalk tanks in a bunch of colors!!

the jeans

the graphic tees - surf (5 colors)

the graphic tees - love (5 colors)

funky fringe jacket (12 colors)

sidewalk tanks (a bunch of colors... idk why i just dont feel like counting the colors of this tank!!??? poor tanks.......)

SO OMG, I think thats it???? If i forgot something I'll probably come back in a few minutes and fix.. or maybe tomorrow, or the next day... NOO I promise I'll be better with updating! <3 heheeeeeee

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

New @ Sand Shack Surf Co. - Gully Tops

WOOT WOOT! ----- these tops come in 8 dif colors with flexi sleeve tie options, and jacket AND tee layer. The jacket layer adds an undershirt extension matching the seagull print for a cutie patootie layered look. These are available in a fatpack as well as individually but if you grab the fatpack you save 380L! <3 WELLLLL I'm not feeling supa chatty right now so I'll just skip to the pics :DD

That's all for now!! Make sure you join "Surf Co." group for in-world updates and other yummy goodies!!! <3

p.s. located at :the beach: in Shopping Islands

Sunday, May 13, 2007

New @ Surf Co., IN LOVE with Haute Monde Salon, and CUTENESS @ WOO's

I need to blog more often.. OOPS!!! Haha.. well I'm new to blogging so please be patient with meh! OK! Down to business - new @ Sand Shack Surf Co. - Cute Butt Lounge Pants:

Just released these today, and I'm super psyched about 'em because they're the perfect pants to wear with a kini. Sometimes its awkward to wear jeans (not always), and sometimes you wanna wear shorts, but sometimes you need a freakin cute pair of comfy pants to LoUnGe in - when I was makin these I was really thinkin bout a longgg beach day of swimming and tannin.. coming to a close and all you wanna do is nap for an hour on ur beach blanket with your buds before you head 2 the pizzeria or hit the boardwalk - YAH this is what I'd be wearin :D

ALso.. these were released last week but I forgot 2 blog them (tsk tsk) - Pretty in Plaid Tops!! These come in 3 sets (Neutrals) (Brights) and (Combos) - and all are available individually as well - Gettin a pack saves you a buck of course, but if you're color picky, go for the individuals and mix match :D They all come in jacket and tee as well (WOOT WOOT FOR OPTIONS!!)

(combo pack shown)


This brand new hair salon that just opened last week, created by Ashlin Leandros, has already been blogged @ Style Disorder ( ) and now it's my turn!! SD blogged Cupcake which is an amazing little do that is a MUST-HAVE for SURE, but I'm gonna focus on "1987".. from the second I put these magical strands on my abnormally sized head (and after a bit of resizing) I WAS IN LOVE. It has the cutest bangs that are super flattering to the face, and the side ponytail is ADORABLE with just the right amount of flex. My point? GO GET IT NOWWW!!!! :)


I got an IM the other day from Wednesday Soon of Woo's who had just purchased a few things @ my shop and passed me a set of bangles because she thought they would go PERFECTLY with some of my stuffs... so I tried them on and <3<3<3<3 I was overcome with joy. The bangles she gave me came in a cute little bag with a Thank You notecard and a description explaining that although the bangles come with the option of wearing on your left or right arm, each one is put together in a different order, so if you wear both they don't look identical and a bit noob-ish. The ones I got from her are called "Cherry Lime Seltzer" (suchhh a cute and fun name too!!)

Well that's all for now! More soon!! :D

Happy shoppin loves! <3

p.s. for shops (til I learn how to put SLURL), search for:
"Woo's" main store in Tu Amor
"Haute Monde Salon" at .::The Yard::. in Amour
"Sand Shack Surf Co." at :the beach: in Shopping Islands

Monday, May 7, 2007

New @ Sand Shack Surf Co.!! <3

Finally gonna put an ACTUAL post in here, and get this lil blog kicked off for REAL. Let's start with some new releases from the good 'ol Sand Shack:





ALSO - Messy Shorts - these shorts are classy/casual, can be dressed up OR down, super comfy, and come in a color variety that works with any mood


That's it for now, more coming soon!!

Also, if you are a designer and have anything beachy that you would like me to check out/blog, shoot me an IM I'd LOVE to take a peek <3

Thursday, April 5, 2007

Welcome to the Beach Blog!!

Basically, what we'll be posting here are the cutest bestest beachy stuffs we can find all over SL! From clothing to furniture to decorations to accessories to HAIR (yada yada yada).. so keep an eye out and hopefully we'll be able to help you beach-ify to the fullest! WOOOOT... I'll also be posting my new releases on here (since its ALLL beachy), so this will also be my homeblog!