Friday, May 8, 2009

New at Surf Co.! - Flip Flops, Tank Tops, Sweaters, and Shorts!

Hey everyone! I just put out my first summer clothing release of the season! I know its not technically summer yet but I really don't care, I couldn't wait any longer.. SOOOO this release features over 50 brand new summery beachy colorful items for your beach-going/lounging pleasure. The line-up:

Driftwood Tanks:
These supersoft tanks come in 14 colors and are a TAD sheer so that you can layer them nicely. They are very low cut and have super low cut sides. These can be worn alone if you're feeling a little risque (or its really pixel-hot out), but I picture them over a swimsuit or another tank.. either way, I think you'll like them! :D

Racerback Striped Tanks:

These come in 12 colors with a racer-back cut and work very well with the Driftwood Tanks, but can also be worn alone of course.

Floral Cab Sweaters:

These cropped cardigans come open-front in 6 colors with floral/berry contrasting detail all around the neckline. Another great layering piece :D

Rolled Denim Shorts:
These come in 5 washes and have a folded over waist. This is how I wear my denim shorts in the summer after a beach day where I'm sticky from saltwater and don't feel like zipping up all the way.. typically I've got a bathing suit on but they're not toooo low so you can get away with wearing them alone or with undies too :D

Freedom Flops!:

I finally made sculpted leather flipflops to update from my Emma Flip Flops! These come in 17 beachtastic colors and are fit to size 0 feet. They are mod though so you can resize them however you like. Since they are made for size 0 girl feet, they'll be a little tougher to resize for a male foot but it is possible, so I do consider them to be unisex.

All items come individually and in a variety pack (Shopping Spree bags) which saves you bunches of Lindens, so if you love it enough, its definitely worthit :D

That's all for now, if you haven't already and you have room for more groups, join my "Surf Co." group for updates, freebies, and other fun shenanigans.

Happy Shoppin! <3 :)

- Emma