Thursday, November 26, 2009

Surf Co. - Black 50L Friday Preview

The new Elsa Boots in a special edition knit called "Stjordal" are going to be available tomorrow for 50L (one day only) at my main store!


Wednesday, November 25, 2009

New @ Surf Co. - Elsa Boots!

Hey all! Guess what? MORE BOOTS! \o/ Hereee they are!

Elsa Boots - These are sculpted suede boots with a low cowboy-style heel and a comfy slouchy knit top that folds over. They come in 8 base colors and the knit portion of each pair is scripted with 25 different colors (just click for the menu)!! NOTE: These are copy/mod/no transfer, so you can modify them but they are optimized for size 0 feet. Please make a copy first if you do intend to resize them yourself!

GIFTS: Tis the holiday season so I figured I would make gift options for this release! The top row of boots (in the shop) are all REGULAR, which means they are copy/mod/no transfer. The bottom row are all GIFTS, which means they are no copy/no mod/transfer. The shack pack only comes in REGULAR versions. If you want to gift the whole pack to someone, please contact me! :D

ALSO, don't forget this 50L Friday (Nov. 27), for Black Friday I'll be doing a special version of the boots for 50L. This is one day only so don't forget to come by!

I hope you enjoy them! Happy Shoppin!


p.s. if you haven't joined my subscriber group, please do! The kiosks are at the entrance of the store and by the new releases! Group members get updates, freebies, and other fun stuff! <3

Friday, November 20, 2009

New @ Surf Co.! Parker Knit Boots with Sculpted Color Change Socks!

Hey everyone! I just made a little release of cozy knit boots in 16 colors with sculpted color change socks (19 colors)! The pink ones are not available in my shop yet because they are being sold as a donation item at my spot at the footwear expo (which starts on Nov.22).

Each pair is copy/mod/no transfer and they are available individually as well as in a pack with major savings! I hope you like them! :D

(see the flickr link below for all the boot colors and sock color options!)

<3 Emma

Thursday, November 5, 2009

New @ Surf Co. - Hitched Tees in 10 Colors! UNISEX

I'm getting married IRL this Saturday and I wanted to make a little something before I ship off down the aisle and then out to the Bahamas xD


Each tee comes on all layers and includes 2 versions: male and female.

I hope you guys like them and WISH ME LUCK!!! xD

<3 Emma