Friday, December 25, 2009

New @ Surf Co! Elma Cozy Pants <3

C/M/NT, available on pants & underpants layers with sculpted bottoms!

I hope everyone is having a great holiday!!! <3

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

New at Surf Co.! Elma Cozy Pants & Special Christmas Pack

Hi everyone!! I have a holiday release for you at Surf Co.! Get nice and comfy in the new Elma Cozy Pants, which come in 19 colors AND until New Year's Day, a special Christmas Pack with 5 different pairs of pants for only 150L! Each pair comes on both the pants and underpants layers and includes sculpted rolled up bottoms! Also, there are 3 new pairs of Courtyard Slippers (unisex) in some fun holiday colors and neutrals!

All items are Copy/Mod/No Transfer

If you want to send a gift I can do it manually for you! <3

I hope you enjoy!! Happy shopping! :D

p.s. If you haven't already please join my update group via one of the wooden kiosks located around my shop and feel free to add to the Surf Co. flickr pool:

Friday, December 18, 2009

50L Friday at Surf Co. - Courtyard Slippers - Unisex!

Hey all! These brand new unisex sculpted slippers are available for 50L TODAY ONLY, and then go up to regular price so don't miss the sale!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

New at Surf Co.! Hair for Guys and Girls!

Hi everyone! I just released some cute winter hairstyles for the guys and the girls that include a sculptie knit hat with 14 color change options! For the girls there is a short style and a long style, each including 2 bangs options. All of the hairs come in 15 delicious shades and are copy/mod/no transfer.

I hope you enjoy them!!

<3 Emma

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Surf Co. Sale - 50-75% off EVERYTHING! Don't miss it!

Hey everyone! There's a 3-day mega sale at Surf Co. going on right noww where all of my newer items (including skins, shoes, clothing, accessories, EVERYTHING) are marked down 50% and all of my older items (the box ads at the far end of the shop) are marked down 75%!! There are also MORE older items over at my outlet location that have been marked down 75% as well! This sale ends on Saturday at 12:00PM SLT (in 3 days) so hurry over and don't miss it!!

Surf Co:

And don't forget to run next door and check out Artilleri's 4th Anniversary 50% off sale (also ending this Saturday)!


Thursday, November 26, 2009

Surf Co. - Black 50L Friday Preview

The new Elsa Boots in a special edition knit called "Stjordal" are going to be available tomorrow for 50L (one day only) at my main store!


Wednesday, November 25, 2009

New @ Surf Co. - Elsa Boots!

Hey all! Guess what? MORE BOOTS! \o/ Hereee they are!

Elsa Boots - These are sculpted suede boots with a low cowboy-style heel and a comfy slouchy knit top that folds over. They come in 8 base colors and the knit portion of each pair is scripted with 25 different colors (just click for the menu)!! NOTE: These are copy/mod/no transfer, so you can modify them but they are optimized for size 0 feet. Please make a copy first if you do intend to resize them yourself!

GIFTS: Tis the holiday season so I figured I would make gift options for this release! The top row of boots (in the shop) are all REGULAR, which means they are copy/mod/no transfer. The bottom row are all GIFTS, which means they are no copy/no mod/transfer. The shack pack only comes in REGULAR versions. If you want to gift the whole pack to someone, please contact me! :D

ALSO, don't forget this 50L Friday (Nov. 27), for Black Friday I'll be doing a special version of the boots for 50L. This is one day only so don't forget to come by!

I hope you enjoy them! Happy Shoppin!


p.s. if you haven't joined my subscriber group, please do! The kiosks are at the entrance of the store and by the new releases! Group members get updates, freebies, and other fun stuff! <3

Friday, November 20, 2009

New @ Surf Co.! Parker Knit Boots with Sculpted Color Change Socks!

Hey everyone! I just made a little release of cozy knit boots in 16 colors with sculpted color change socks (19 colors)! The pink ones are not available in my shop yet because they are being sold as a donation item at my spot at the footwear expo (which starts on Nov.22).

Each pair is copy/mod/no transfer and they are available individually as well as in a pack with major savings! I hope you like them! :D

(see the flickr link below for all the boot colors and sock color options!)

<3 Emma

Thursday, November 5, 2009

New @ Surf Co. - Hitched Tees in 10 Colors! UNISEX

I'm getting married IRL this Saturday and I wanted to make a little something before I ship off down the aisle and then out to the Bahamas xD


Each tee comes on all layers and includes 2 versions: male and female.

I hope you guys like them and WISH ME LUCK!!! xD

<3 Emma

Friday, October 30, 2009

New @ Surf Co.! Yoga Pants & 50 Linden Friday!

Hey everyone! Today is a special release because it coincides with Surf Co.'s first participation in 50 Linden Fridays! I've made a line of Yoga Pants with a fold-over top and sculpted bottoms in 21 colors, 3 of which are available ONLY FOR TODAY as a set for 50 Lindens! Come grab them up before the day is over!!

<3 Emma

p.s. If you haven't already, please don't forget to join my subscriber group via one of the wooden kiosks located around my shop, and also there's a new Sand Shack Surf Co. group on Flickr ( ) so please join and add to the pool! :D

Thursday, October 15, 2009

New @ Surf Co.! All About Fall... Hoodies, Jeans, Rain Boots, and MORE!

Well summer's officially gone here in Jersey. I always go through a few weeks of being super sad, but then I get REALLY excited cause fall brings some of the funnest traditions and cutest fashions! Around here its all about apple-picking, pumpkin patching, county fairs, hay rides, and apple pies.. THIS was my inspiration for Surf Co.'s newest release :D I tried to picture the most practical cozy cold-weather wear (what I wear IRL pretty much every day of the fall season), did it in all my favorite colors, added in some rain gear (cause it has been a particularly rainy couple of months!) and TA-DAA, Surf Co's first fall release! :D There are also some fun extras in this release to highlight my favorite parts of the season and the farewell to summer! BRING ON THE COLD!!!!

The line-up:

- Vintage Fall Fest Hoodies
Yanno that sweatshirt you got 10 years ago and refuse to part with? This is the one! This hoodie comes in all the layers (except underpants, sorry to those of you who wanted to tuck your hoodie into your jeans xD), and each hoodie includes 2 versions: with a graphic, and without a graphic. It has a sculpted hoodie and a sculpted waist section with a front pocket. NOTE: the sculpts were made to fit with the puffer layer ON, so please don't forget to wear the puffer, and if you don't want to thats okay, you just may need to adjust the waist sculpt a tad. :) Also, don't forget to wear the gloves or else you wont see the ends of the sleeves.

- Hot Cocoa Stain Jeans
These were inspired by a car ride to a fall festival near Lake Ontario. You can guess what happened :D These jeans are ankle-length with a sculpted cuff, they come on both the pants and underpants layers, and come in 9 different washes (all with a cocoa stain)! xD Each wash also comes with a uniquely colored sculpted hot cocoa mug that you can hold. All the mugs are available together in the fatpack of jeans (plus a bonus mug!).

- Kettle Corn Cardigans
These cardigans include a built-in tank top, and are perfect for layering or wearing alone. They come in 5 different colors and are available on all layers.

- Rain Boots!!!
These are sculpted rain boots with a splashing puddle squeak sound built in! You can click the top of your right boot to bring up a menu with "Sounds On" and "Sounds Off" options. These are perfect rain gear and come in enough colors to match ANY outfit.

- Swinging Umbrella
This umbrella is scripted with an AO to let you swing it as you stand. It is also color-change on click, and will bring up a menu so that you can choose from any of the colors (MOST matching the rain boots quite well! :D). Type "ao on" or "ao off" in open chat (minus the quotes) to start/stop swinging. You might want to turn ao off in order to click for color change, cause its kind of hard to grab while its moving. There are 4 versions of this umbrella included: a slow swing, a medium swing, a fast swing, and a prop that is not animated, but makes a really cute decoration! The umbrella can be found next to the rain boots.


If you can't decide on a color, spring for the pack and save a bunch of Lindens!

I hope you enjoy this release as much as I enjoyed making it! Please don't forget to join my Surf Co. group or my subscriber kiosk for updates, freebies, and other goodies! Also, if you are looking for some of my older stuff, I am in the process of moving it over to an outlet location to make room for all the new things, so please visit the big signs on the walls in the far section of the store for LM's to that location.

Happy shopping! <33

Thursday, August 13, 2009

New @ Surf Co. - Cowboy Hats & Plaid Tops!!

Hey everyone! So if you've done the Skipping Stones Hunt and you've seen my gift, this next release from Surf Co. won't come as a major surprise. For those of you who haven't done the hunt, my gift was a sculpted straw cowboy hat, chewing wheat, and a gray plaid top. Now for the newness!!:

- Straw Cowboy Hats in 12 colors with menu scripted color-change bands (10 colors and 7 neutrals). Each hat comes with 2 different versions, regular and faded. I wanted to give both options because the regular looks new like you just bought it, and the faded looks more worn out like you've been wearing it at the beach all summer long <3. Each hat ALSO comes with chewing wheat (to complete the look :D).

- "I'm A Little Bit Country" Plaid Tops. These come in 6 colors and include all layers.

All of the items are available individually as well as in variety packs (major savings) <3.

I hope you all enjoy!! :D

<3 Emma <3

p.s. remember to subscribe to my update group via one of the kiosks in my main store! <3

Monday, August 10, 2009

Skipping Stones Hunt Gift @ Surf Co. & NEW Subscriber Kiosk! <3

Hey everyone! :D This is the first hunt Surf Co. has participated in so I am really excited to share my contribution!! The theme was lazy summer so I did a sculpted and faded straw cowboy hat (the one you've been wearing all summer long xD), some chewing wheat (cause nothing says "lazy summer" like it!), and a plaid top! The top comes on all layers and the hat and wheat are both copy, mod, no transfer. There are lots of other great prizes in the hunt too so if you have time, you should definitely try to do the whole thing! xD What you're looking for is a gray glowing stone which contains my gift and a landmark to the next location. *This is a chain hunt so you'll eventually end up back at Surf Co.<3* My hint to you is that my stone can be found within 20 meters of the landing point.

ALSO, I've finally put out a subscriber kiosk so that people don't have to be using up a group slot, but if you want to stay in the original group I will OF COURSE continue sending the same updates and gifts to regular group members. <3<3



Saturday, July 4, 2009

New at Surf Co.! (Happy 4th of July!)

Happy 4th of July from Surf Co.!

This release was mainly about layering, colors, and DREAMS OF THE OCEAN (okay hmm.. same as every other release... ANYHOO)

Here's the line-up of new beachy goodness!!

Colleen -
This top style was chosen and named by Miabella Foxley, the winner of the Surf Co. item @ the Indie Rock for RFL auction! I loved the style she chose because it was TOTALLY Surf Co. and I had so much fun making it! This top comes in 10 colors with a sculpted poof top and sculpted skirt.

Dock Dress -
These summery patterned mini-dresses come in 3 different colors (trim tones) with sculpted shoulder bows and a sculpted skirt.

La Plage Tees -
These off-the-shoulder tees have a faint floral pattern and come in 10 colors with optional sculpted sleeves.

Funnel Cake Shades -
These sunglasses come in 12 summery color combos with half-striped frames

*All clothing items come on all layers and all items are copy/mod/no trans and are available individually as well as a pack with major savings!!!*

Happy Shoppin!! <333

p.s. if you haven't already, please join my update group (yes, I'm doing it old-school, you have to search groups for "Surf Co." xD) There are updates, freebies, and other fun stuff!!

Friday, May 8, 2009

New at Surf Co.! - Flip Flops, Tank Tops, Sweaters, and Shorts!

Hey everyone! I just put out my first summer clothing release of the season! I know its not technically summer yet but I really don't care, I couldn't wait any longer.. SOOOO this release features over 50 brand new summery beachy colorful items for your beach-going/lounging pleasure. The line-up:

Driftwood Tanks:
These supersoft tanks come in 14 colors and are a TAD sheer so that you can layer them nicely. They are very low cut and have super low cut sides. These can be worn alone if you're feeling a little risque (or its really pixel-hot out), but I picture them over a swimsuit or another tank.. either way, I think you'll like them! :D

Racerback Striped Tanks:

These come in 12 colors with a racer-back cut and work very well with the Driftwood Tanks, but can also be worn alone of course.

Floral Cab Sweaters:

These cropped cardigans come open-front in 6 colors with floral/berry contrasting detail all around the neckline. Another great layering piece :D

Rolled Denim Shorts:
These come in 5 washes and have a folded over waist. This is how I wear my denim shorts in the summer after a beach day where I'm sticky from saltwater and don't feel like zipping up all the way.. typically I've got a bathing suit on but they're not toooo low so you can get away with wearing them alone or with undies too :D

Freedom Flops!:

I finally made sculpted leather flipflops to update from my Emma Flip Flops! These come in 17 beachtastic colors and are fit to size 0 feet. They are mod though so you can resize them however you like. Since they are made for size 0 girl feet, they'll be a little tougher to resize for a male foot but it is possible, so I do consider them to be unisex.

All items come individually and in a variety pack (Shopping Spree bags) which saves you bunches of Lindens, so if you love it enough, its definitely worthit :D

That's all for now, if you haven't already and you have room for more groups, join my "Surf Co." group for updates, freebies, and other fun shenanigans.

Happy Shoppin! <3 :)

- Emma

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

New @ Surf Co! - The Cabana Dress

The Cabana Dress:
A soft flirty fun dress for spring/summer with a flouncy double-layered sculpted skirt. This dress comes in 8 different color combinations and is copy/mod/no trans. I'm going to be setting pretty much all my stuff to these perms from now on just because of some issues I'd had in the past but ANYHOO. The dresses come in all layers, including: Jacket, Shirt, Undershirt, Pants, Underpants + Sculpted Skirt.

::Note about the skirt:: It is supposed to sit just below the belt (built into the upper body layer). If you try to set it lower than this, it will end up looking weird and you'll run into issues. See the "Cabana Dress" picture below for examples.

I hope you guys enjoy and I hope you're as excited as I am about the fact that SUMMER IS COMINGGG! :D <3

Happy Shoppin! <3

- Emma

Thursday, April 9, 2009

New Skins @ Surf Co.!!

Hey everyone! I'm finally releasing my new hand-drawn beachy skin-line at Surf Co. and I'm sooo excited! The theme is "Beach Day" (what else???) and I have 4 tones (types of sunscreen xD) - 8 makeups each. I'm alsoo announcing the location of my new main store!!! My little spot over at Artilleri is now my BIG spot over at Artilleri (thanks to Antie!! <3) and that's where I'll be camped out permanently! I'm really excited too about my new build (made by Cory Edo - soo amazing!) All skins are copy/no mod/no trans, and the bottles they come in are copy/mod/no trans (in case you feel like decorating with them :D). Each skin is being sold for 750L, and the variety pack is 3,500L saving you 2,500L.

Well that's about it! I hope you enjoy them! :D

<3 Emma

p.s. if you haven't already, please join my Surf Co. update group for freebies/updates/and other fun stuff :)

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Closing of Caribe, new temp location, and NEW POSE SET!

Hey everyone! I have some sad news.. Recently Caribe had to close down because the sim owner had to abandon the land and no one else was buying it. I wanna say thanks to everyone who rented at Caribe, we had a lot of fun while it lasted :D

Being as Caribe was the main location for Surf Co, I am currently looking for a NEW main location, but for the time being, a VERY sweet Kimmie Underall offered me a free spot over at her mall, ToTk. So I've set up my temporary main spot there, where you can find ALL my stuff except for hair, which I will be putting out soon.

NOW for the newnesss.. in honor of my current summer craving, I made a beachy pose set while hanging out w/ Antie and decided I'd set it for sale! It's a clothes-line with 2 striped towels clothespinned to it and 2 built in poses. One for a girl and one for a guy. The set is copy/mod/no trans and comes fully linked. Me and Antie had a lot of fun beachifying so I hope you guys do too!! :D Set it out anywheree, in your yard, on a beach, etcc! Also can be used for ad-making :P Oh!! And remember, ladies sit first! <3

For a LM to my temp. shop at ToTk, please check my picks, it will be the first one. And when you TP, you'll have to fly a little bit since the LM brings you to the center of the sim.

Hope you guys enjoy it!!!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

New at Surf Co.!! Heart of Love (HoL) Tees!

Hey everyone!! I just released some tees for the HoL Fundraiser! They come in 8 colors individually and a pack that saves you 200L :D Each tee comes on all layers so you can mix-match and all proceeds go to HoL <3

SLurl to Surf Co.:

Find out more about the fundraiser here:

Happy Shoppin! :D <3