Thursday, August 13, 2009

New @ Surf Co. - Cowboy Hats & Plaid Tops!!

Hey everyone! So if you've done the Skipping Stones Hunt and you've seen my gift, this next release from Surf Co. won't come as a major surprise. For those of you who haven't done the hunt, my gift was a sculpted straw cowboy hat, chewing wheat, and a gray plaid top. Now for the newness!!:

- Straw Cowboy Hats in 12 colors with menu scripted color-change bands (10 colors and 7 neutrals). Each hat comes with 2 different versions, regular and faded. I wanted to give both options because the regular looks new like you just bought it, and the faded looks more worn out like you've been wearing it at the beach all summer long <3. Each hat ALSO comes with chewing wheat (to complete the look :D).

- "I'm A Little Bit Country" Plaid Tops. These come in 6 colors and include all layers.

All of the items are available individually as well as in variety packs (major savings) <3.

I hope you all enjoy!! :D

<3 Emma <3

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