Thursday, April 9, 2009

New Skins @ Surf Co.!!

Hey everyone! I'm finally releasing my new hand-drawn beachy skin-line at Surf Co. and I'm sooo excited! The theme is "Beach Day" (what else???) and I have 4 tones (types of sunscreen xD) - 8 makeups each. I'm alsoo announcing the location of my new main store!!! My little spot over at Artilleri is now my BIG spot over at Artilleri (thanks to Antie!! <3) and that's where I'll be camped out permanently! I'm really excited too about my new build (made by Cory Edo - soo amazing!) All skins are copy/no mod/no trans, and the bottles they come in are copy/mod/no trans (in case you feel like decorating with them :D). Each skin is being sold for 750L, and the variety pack is 3,500L saving you 2,500L.

Well that's about it! I hope you enjoy them! :D

<3 Emma

p.s. if you haven't already, please join my Surf Co. update group for freebies/updates/and other fun stuff :)