Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Merry Christmas!!

Hey all!! Sorry its been so long since I've posted. Things have been crazayyy IRL, but I have some stuffs to update on that have recently been released!! I'll post as much as I can, and will TRYYY to update more frequently.. :P

OKAY! As far as HAIR, we have:




TOPS, we have:

Tiger Tanks: (5 colors)

> no more pics for some reason blogger cut me off.. o well :( come to the shop to seeeee <33 <


Emma Jeans: buttload of colors


Lily Cole: bunch of colorsss


Big Heart Vintage Ringssss: 2 colors <33

SHOESSS: (all for size 0 feeeet)

Humdinger Slippers: sculpted!! tons of colors

Kitten Heels: sculpted andd tons of colors

REMINDER: for gift giving, nearly ALL items from my shop ARE transfer, so you can giftwrap them yourself, the only items that are definitely NOT transfer are the hairs <3