Monday, September 17, 2007

New @ Sand Shack Surf Co. - NEW MEN'S LINE! and some for the girlies <3

NEW at Sand Shack Surf Co.!! (for the girlies, ANDDDDDD the dudes!)

Dudes first... - and this stuff is ALL transferable ladies <3 (and everything that comes in various colors is available individually as well as in a fatpack)

Brand new men's line and I hopeee the boys like it! haha, the lineup:

UNISEX Stitch Front Button Ups - These tops are long button up shirts with stitch detailing down the front and the option to wear on the jacket layer, or on the tee/underpants layer (for layering purposes) - They are available in 14 different colors

Stroller Sweaters - These sweaters also come with the option to wear on the jacket layer or the tee/underpants layer (tee layer is modable for those of you who don't like the tight sleeves on your overcoats, etc), and also come in stripe/no stripe versions. These are available in 5 colors

Gone Surfing Tees - the first installment of what I hope to become a long line of graphic tees - these have a front graphic and back text, and come in allllll the layers, Jacket, Tee, Undershirt, Pants, and Underpants.. not sure why I did pants layer, but you never do know! lol.. These come in 5 colors

Vintage T-Shirt Tee - another graphic tee, and in PINK!! Come on guys, embrace the brightness!! (same layers deal as the Gone Surfing Tees ;D)

Retro STYYYYYLIN' Pants Pleated - this is a variation of the Retro STYYYYYLIN' Pants for the girlies (see below), only these are pleated (pleat = the fold down the front and back of the pant), and the colors are toned down from the girl versions - these are all modable for your boot-wearing pleasure, 14 colors

Now for the girlies:

All the mens stuff willl fit pretty well, it'll just look a bit like your borrowing from your BF's closet, but since when is that NOT cute??? Anyways, for your very own, we have the Retro STYYYYYYLIN' Pants in all their brightness and glory D 14 colors, modable

Well that's all now loves I hope you like, and happy shoppin! <3

LOCATION: Lions Shore (49, 176, 23)