Thursday, September 6, 2007

NEW Main Store Grand Opening Par-TAY - TOMORROW!! and NEW FALL GOODIES <3

Heyyy everyone!!! Just wanted to let you all know that the grand opening of the new main store (at the cute lil Caribbean themed 1/4 sim called 'Caribe' :D) will be tomorrow (Friday, Sept. 7th) at 12 NOON SL time!! Come ready to shopppp, dance, CHILLL, grab up some sweet freebies 'n have fun -- Be sure to include items from these stores on your shopping list:

miw - by Miwako Cheney
Tweed - by Tweed Silvera
Artilleri - by Antonia Marat
Decollage - by Marcelle DeCuir
Savvy? - by Dakota Buck
Cupcake - by Crystyle Bukowski, Tilly Tokyo, and Kiki Cunningham
Karamia - by Kara Eagle
KENZIE - by Kenzie Craven
Boing Fromage - by Elka Lehane
Vintage Ahoy! - by Vintage McMillan
Random - by Garbage Prototype
Maitreya - by Onyx LeShelle
I <3 Juicy - by Lilly Callisto
andddd Sand Shack Surf Co. - by ME!! hehe

Quite a lovely lineup if I do say so myself :D

ALSO, I will be releasing the beginning of Surf Co.'s fall line consisting of all kindsa sweaters, hair (NEW TEXTURES), bottoms, and other cutie patootie colder weather must-haves! I'm so psycheddddd!

We're all gonna be here havin FUNNNNN and relaxin so we hope you'll all join us or if your schedule is packed, just stop in for a few we'll make ya feel loved <3 :D

The sim won't be open until 12 noon, but I'll leave the location here anyway so you can hold on to it for 2morro :D

Lions Shore 49, 176, 23