Saturday, September 15, 2007

Guys Stuff @ Surf Co. - Coming Up :D

Hey all! Just updating to let you know that I will be posting a new release very shortly, as soon as I finish the ads forrrrrr MENS CLOTHING! Phewww, thats been a long time coming.. I wish I had started sooner I'm really starting to get into it. The line will be funky, casual, colorful (but not too girly heheeee), I have a few items that I'm gonna release at once and then after that I will continue to pop new stuffs out on a semi-regular basis. Girlies, don't be sad because most of the stuff from the men's line will fit us well too, might look a bit like we borrowed it from our boyfriends but we all know that's always a super-cute look :D SO, I'll give a vague idea of the upcoming lineup, we have pants (girl and guy versions), sweaters for guys, tees for guys, and shirts for guys. YAYYY.. so check back sooooon and keep an eye out over the next few days <3 :DDD

p.s. the fall line for the girls is now out @ my new main store in Caribe :D Check my picks for a LM and explore the place a bit, Tweed and Miwako who did most of the building did an awesomeeee job and I'm sure you'll love the place :DDD