Thursday, July 5, 2007

New @ Surf Co. - lots of tie back polos... LOTS...

Polos in 20 Colors, but not just ANY polos!!! They tie in the back.. WOOT.. Yanno the ones that are too baggy so u tie em... yah thats these. Cute and comfy (once again), each color comes with a jacket and tee version, prim rolled-up sleeves, and a prim back tie (all modable)..

The style and color just make this another item you MUST have if you're a mix-matching beachy summer freak like me. I tried to mind the details by adding contrast buttons and the lil (becoming a trademark) stitched palm tree logo <3 - I hope you all stock up and enjoy!!

p.s. looks great with a taggy tank underneath

Happy Shoppin Loves <3