Tuesday, February 16, 2010

New at Surf Co.! Unisex Beach Shoes/Comfy Denim Shorts/Colorful Bikinis!

Hey everyone! I have a new summer-obsessed release for you including bikinis, comfy denim shorts, and some funky beach shoes called Boardwalkers that I made for the guys (!!!) but there's also a version for the girlies :D Both versions of the shoes are included in each vendor and they have a resize script! The cuffs on the denim shorts also have a resize script, so YAY! This release is light, summery, colorful, and pretty much everything that my mind is filled with right now, so if its a little too early for some of you, my DEEPEST apologies, but I just couldn't help myself. Winter is totally over @ Surf Co.

Some specs: the shorts come in 8 washes, the bikinis come in 8 colors, and the shoes come in 16 colors/materials. There are a few different tweeds, some plain hemps, and some SUPER colorful ones too! I hope you guys like them! :D

All items in this release are copy/mod/no transfer!

Happy Shoppin Loves!!

<3 Emma