Thursday, August 13, 2009

New @ Surf Co. - Cowboy Hats & Plaid Tops!!

Hey everyone! So if you've done the Skipping Stones Hunt and you've seen my gift, this next release from Surf Co. won't come as a major surprise. For those of you who haven't done the hunt, my gift was a sculpted straw cowboy hat, chewing wheat, and a gray plaid top. Now for the newness!!:

- Straw Cowboy Hats in 12 colors with menu scripted color-change bands (10 colors and 7 neutrals). Each hat comes with 2 different versions, regular and faded. I wanted to give both options because the regular looks new like you just bought it, and the faded looks more worn out like you've been wearing it at the beach all summer long <3. Each hat ALSO comes with chewing wheat (to complete the look :D).

- "I'm A Little Bit Country" Plaid Tops. These come in 6 colors and include all layers.

All of the items are available individually as well as in variety packs (major savings) <3.

I hope you all enjoy!! :D

<3 Emma <3

p.s. remember to subscribe to my update group via one of the kiosks in my main store! <3

Monday, August 10, 2009

Skipping Stones Hunt Gift @ Surf Co. & NEW Subscriber Kiosk! <3

Hey everyone! :D This is the first hunt Surf Co. has participated in so I am really excited to share my contribution!! The theme was lazy summer so I did a sculpted and faded straw cowboy hat (the one you've been wearing all summer long xD), some chewing wheat (cause nothing says "lazy summer" like it!), and a plaid top! The top comes on all layers and the hat and wheat are both copy, mod, no transfer. There are lots of other great prizes in the hunt too so if you have time, you should definitely try to do the whole thing! xD What you're looking for is a gray glowing stone which contains my gift and a landmark to the next location. *This is a chain hunt so you'll eventually end up back at Surf Co.<3* My hint to you is that my stone can be found within 20 meters of the landing point.

ALSO, I've finally put out a subscriber kiosk so that people don't have to be using up a group slot, but if you want to stay in the original group I will OF COURSE continue sending the same updates and gifts to regular group members. <3<3