Wednesday, June 9, 2010

New at Surf Co.! Tank Tops, Shorts, Skirts, Sandals!!

Hey everyone! I have a pretty huge summery release for you today! Here's the line-up:

Coastal Tanks - These tanks come in 22 colors and on all layers. They have low sides and are GREAT for mix-matching! The wrinkles on the torso make this a perfect top to tuck into a high-waisted bottom!

Hermana Tanks - These tanks come in 20 colors (on all layers) and have sculpted chest ruffles. Layer them under the Coastal Tanks for a super cute look :D

Summer of Stripes Skirt - These high-waist skirts come in 11 colors, 5 with a white base, 6 with a cream/beige base. The skirt is fully sculpted and you can even remove it to find that the base doubles as a pair of cute little stretch shorts! You can even throw on a bikini top and turn it into a bathing suit!

Cafe Shorts - These shorts come in 18 colors and on all layers. (My favorite is Tomato :D)

Shoelace Sandals - These sandals are fully sculpted and I released a pair for 50L Friday not long ago, but this time they come fully equipped with a texture change script that allows you to change the laces AND the sole of the shoes!

Everything in this release is copy/mod/no transfer.

Well I hope you guys enjoy it and HAPPY SHOPPIN! :D

p.s. for high res pictures please visit my flickr!

<3 Emma