Friday, April 2, 2010

50L Friday at Surf Co.! Down the Shore Tees, Beach Pass Bracelets, and a Yummy Corn Dog!

Hey guys, I got a little silly this 50L Friday with some absolute must-haves for a trip down the shore. What's a day at the beach without the beach pass bracelet? Tight, uncomfortable, and the source of a horrible tan-line.. at least it comes in pretty colors! Luckily, in SL you can remove this beach pass bracelet from your wrist with ease, and with SL's current technology, you won't be getting any tan lines! Also, loosen it without having to break that snap with a nifty resize script! And how bout that corn dog?? Now this delicious and greasy treat is only a click away! You don't even need to count calories. Lastly, the "Down the Shore" t-shirt.. this tee has a sculpted bottom and arms since a loose tee is best for ease of removal before sprinting into the waves. Pick these items up today cause they are only 50L until midnight tonight!!

<3 Emma