Saturday, February 28, 2009

Closing of Caribe, new temp location, and NEW POSE SET!

Hey everyone! I have some sad news.. Recently Caribe had to close down because the sim owner had to abandon the land and no one else was buying it. I wanna say thanks to everyone who rented at Caribe, we had a lot of fun while it lasted :D

Being as Caribe was the main location for Surf Co, I am currently looking for a NEW main location, but for the time being, a VERY sweet Kimmie Underall offered me a free spot over at her mall, ToTk. So I've set up my temporary main spot there, where you can find ALL my stuff except for hair, which I will be putting out soon.

NOW for the newnesss.. in honor of my current summer craving, I made a beachy pose set while hanging out w/ Antie and decided I'd set it for sale! It's a clothes-line with 2 striped towels clothespinned to it and 2 built in poses. One for a girl and one for a guy. The set is copy/mod/no trans and comes fully linked. Me and Antie had a lot of fun beachifying so I hope you guys do too!! :D Set it out anywheree, in your yard, on a beach, etcc! Also can be used for ad-making :P Oh!! And remember, ladies sit first! <3

For a LM to my temp. shop at ToTk, please check my picks, it will be the first one. And when you TP, you'll have to fly a little bit since the LM brings you to the center of the sim.

Hope you guys enjoy it!!!