Thursday, August 23, 2007

Surf Co. Saved!! :D

Hello everyone! The fundraiser is over and the goal was met!!!!!! Thank you so so so much for all of your support and encouragement!! I will have a working puter back in no time!! :DDDDD I'm so humbled by all the people that came out of nowheres to help me out on this... gah... I really can't even explain. But I hope to see all of you around again - Also, I will be keeping all of the upstairs items on sale regardless of the fundraiser being over.. and soon will be having a clearance sale to make room for the fall goodies :DDDD

One last THANK YOU <3 and CHEERS for being able to return my BF's laptop to him!!! HOORAYY :DDDDD


Thursday, August 16, 2007

Save Surf Co.!! - Read on...

*Save Surf Co. Sale/Fundraiser*

Hey there!

Here's the story: I am quite a klutz IRL (not so proud of it), and this time I really did myself in. I was happily working in Photoshop a couple of days ago, enjoying an amazing strawberry milkshake when I went to pick up my cup and BAM. Strawberry milkshake everywhere.. well not EVERYWHERE.. just on my 4 month old laptop .. To my horror, the screen instantly went black and made an eerie *im dying* noise... I flipped it over to get the stuff off, but the damage was already done. Right away I started calling the manufacturer to see if my insurance (which I paid for 3 years) would cover it. No such luck. They don't cover "spills".. so THEN, since being without a laptop means so many horrific things I couldn't even CONSIDER it, I asked them what it would cost for a repair. The grand total: $1,300.00 USD. I almost fainted. They said that the problem was the "logic board" which is the mac version of a "mother board." So at first I thought "TOTAL RIPOFF.. forget you guys, I'll get it done some other way." I started calling around for 3rd party repair places and quotes.. and they all charge a ton, AND most of them were located across the country. I have a hard time trusting stuff like that.. this laptop pretty much has my whole LIFE in it. So because I have a bunch of computer whizzes in my house.. I figured we could do it ourselves. Step 1: find out how much a logic board costs... for my specific model... its a thousand bucks. CRAP! For 300 more, the manufacturer could do it and would also replace the keyboard and anything else that had been damaged in my milkshake flinging incident. So NOW, since SL is my only source of income and I am at a severe disadvantage having no access whatsoever to my own laptop (right now I'm using my bf, Phil's which he needs back in 2 weeks when college starts), I am trying to raise funds to get my baby fixed. If I can't get it fixed, I will have to try to save up for another laptop and who knows how long that could take with school starting in only 2 weeks (which puts a huge dent in my time bank). But because there are a ton of important things on that computer and because I REALLY REALLY REALLY wanna be able to keep Sand Shack Surf Co. going, I have to find some way to take care of this problem. SO! There are a couple of things I'm doing for this:

1) I will have a huge sale on all the upstairs items at my artilleri location which will include old AND brand new stuff! (the brand new includes Dot-Lined Henleys in 18 colors, Vintage Beach Bags, Earrings, and a Promo Tee for the fundraiser!)
2) I will have a donations pot for any of you feeling EXTRA generous
3) (cont'd number 1) - I will be releasing some brand new items at a discounted price (about 40-50+%)

I've also placed a meter just inside the store to gauge how the fundraiser is going :D - I will update as often as I can, and will leave a "last updated" tag each time <3

NOTE: This whole thing is STRICTLY for me to get my computer fixed and I don't want anyone to feel obligated to help out in any way shape or form.. I know as well as anyone that a lot of the money we take in this game goes to our RL needs, so if you can't help out please please please know that I STILL LOVE YOU!!!


p.s. Please feel free to IM me with any questions/comments! <3

Saturday, August 4, 2007


Hello loves! Just updating to let you all know that I will be away until August 11th!! Goin down the shore for some relaxation, ocean, sand, surf, sun, etccccc... :D ALSO, i've kind of fallen behind with my blog updates, so while I'm down there I'll try to get on a bit to bring the blog up to date, and also keep your eyes open for the 11th because when I return I will be returning with GOODIESSSS... quick hint--- bags, hair, jewelry.... and while I'm down there I'm sure I'll be inspired and come back with a few cutie patootie clothings!! So I hope you all have a great and restful week, and I'll be back soon!