Thursday, June 28, 2007

New at Surf Co. - Dotalicious Tuesday <3

Hey all! :D Just released this mornin some short sleeved hoodies and some lacey tanks.. I'm not AMAZING at the descriptive-ness so I'll just post the pics and hope they speak for themselves :D Only a couple of things really WORTH mentioning aside from the pics would be thattt.. the tanks are available in both jacket and tee version, and both the tanks and the hoodies are available individually and in fat packs (if u wana save a buck <3)

Sooooo here they areee...

Oh yeahhh anddd i forgot 2 post thisss back in the day so I'll post it now.. the Ducky Dresses heheeeee :D - I promised I'd stay caught up:

Happy Shoppin Loves <3

Thursday, June 21, 2007

AN UPDATE, FINALLY!!!! - :/ sorrryy for the delayyyyyy <3

OK, so I've been super busy in game and irl, and posting has pretty much been on the back burner since the thought of how much stuff I need to update on is terrifying!! But, I'm going to make an attempt now to get completely up to date, one thing at a time, or at LEAST make a dent! So lets get down 2 beezwax:

I'll start with the most recent stuff and work my way back :D

SURF CO. INTRODUCES (drumroll........) HAIR!!!

Lola hair in 10 colors! Each color comes with 4 hairband options, 3 textured and 1 tintable, and lil bobby pins holdin up the ponytail in the back! WOOHOO!

Next.. SwiMmiEs!! - aka waterwings, floaties - I was in a silly mood, and now I realize that swimmies are a must-have for all you cuties out there who can't really make it into the water without experiencing the fear of drowning.. EASE YOUR SOULS WITH THESE COLORFUL PUFFS :D (or just make a hardcore fashion statement ;P)

Taggy Tanks!! = I made these with the thought that there's so many times that I find a great pair of bottoms, but just want something simple and matching to wear on top. Cute and casual, these tanks should solve that problem for anyone. They come in 18 colors, and each color comes in 3 versions, long tank (jacket layer), short tank (jacket layer), and short tank (tee layer). They are also available in one big fat pack if you can't make up your mind about which color to get, AND of course you save a few lindens.. WEE!!

Ball 'n Chain Chunky Wristwear - these are the product of a bit of boredom, and the desire for some casual funky bracelets to mix-match and fun up pretty much any casual outfit - they come in 7 colors and are modable :P

THE ONE PIECE SUIT! Yay! My sister Rachel actually inspired this creation because she loves the one piece, but hates how a lot of them are lacking in the style and cuteness department. Why leave that all to the bikinis?? Shouldn't one pieces get the same love and attention? Well here was my attempt:

(available in 5 colors)

Antie Kini and Ash Kini (2 of my bestest buds <3) - Antie Kini has a cherry theme with a cross back and little stitching and embroidery details on the top and butt, Ash Kini is watermelon themed with contrasting dots and straps, also with a cute lil watermelon embroidered on the top <3

THE MASSIVE RELEASE - first pics: the jeans, 6 shades, 3 styles available in shade packs, style packs, individuals, AND an all-out fatpack. The styles: heart patch, destroyed, and classy. <3, second and third pics: the graphic tees, surf and love :D, the fourth pic: funky fringe jackets available in style packs, color packs, individuals, and a fatpack, fifth pic: sidewalk tanks in a bunch of colors!!

the jeans

the graphic tees - surf (5 colors)

the graphic tees - love (5 colors)

funky fringe jacket (12 colors)

sidewalk tanks (a bunch of colors... idk why i just dont feel like counting the colors of this tank!!??? poor tanks.......)

SO OMG, I think thats it???? If i forgot something I'll probably come back in a few minutes and fix.. or maybe tomorrow, or the next day... NOO I promise I'll be better with updating! <3 heheeeeeee